Hoops of Steel

Those friends thou hast, and their adoption tried, Grapple them to thy soul with…

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Central High School's South Lawn

202 deaths

Dear classmates:
Sadly two of our classmates have passed away. Joe Wolfson on 5/11 and Joe Borish on 5/20. Below is a poem written as a tribute to Joe Wolfson

Joey Boy

Every life has light and darkness
Days where the sun is nowhere to be found
When “why me” rules your psyche
And your eyes are always looking down

And your life is all but empty
And life seems cruel and gray
Then you suddenly remember
That’s not the game you play

You will not let this beat you
Your history is too pure
You will do whatever is necessary
For winners shall endure

We’re counting on you, Joe
We’re going “all in”
You’re much too great for this
We know that you will win

You were a great ballplayer
Your defense was so pure
The man you chose to cover
Would never ever score

You have always been a fighter
You have never ever quit
Too many people need you
Your wisdom and your wit

Marc 5/11/15