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Central High School's South Lawn

202 reunion recap

Dear Classmates:

Our three day reunion was exhilarating. Even though most of us don’t see each other very often, there was a strong feeling of warmth and comaraderie. It never ceases to amaze me what a great group of guys we have  in our class. For those of you who weren’t there, I will summarize what took place.

On Thursday evening we had dinner at the Hilton Hotel. The food was exceptional and the service was impeccable. On Friday morning we were at Central for holocaust day. Manny Mandel and Dan Shelikoff related their experiences as holocaust survivors. After lunch we had a tour of the school.

The new gym is quite an improvement over the one we had. We also had an opportunity to see the auditorium that had been destroyed by a fire, and was rebuilt by donations from our class and other classes. Sadly there are parts of the school in disrepair as a result of the financial problems of the board of education.

That afternoon we visited the Barnes Museum which was an amazing experience. Among their famous paintings were 176 Renoirs, which is about half of all the Renoirs in the world.

Friday night we had dinner at the London Grille. While the dinners weren’t as good as the Hilton’s, the hors d’oeuvres more than made up for it.

On Saturday we had a stag day at Bob Price’s beautiful house. After a delicious lunch, each classmate had an opportunity to bring us up to date on what has been going on with his life. All in all it was an extraordinary 3 days.

I am enclosing a list of our classmates who have passed on, as well as an up to date missing list.

Deceased List:-

Enos Andrews, Alan Arsht, Bernie Avelino, Jay Barr, Burt Beifeld, Dick Bell, Murray Binderman, Harvey Birenbaum,  Bob Brasler, Leslie Buck, Dave Butowsky, By Chaess, Ed Colcher, Alan Davis, Jim Depreist, Norris Durham, Sam Fleishman, Ted Freedman, Alan Friedman, Bill Gaskill, Mel Goldberg, Alan (Berkowitz) Harris, Alan Hinerfeld, Barry Kaplan, Bob Katz, Jerry Kenig, Leroy Kotzen, Ron Lane, Harold Levin, Stan Levin, Mort Lit, Charles Lundy, Robert Mackie, Sid Mizrachi, Dick Mortimore, Norm Nemeroff, Ed Nichols, Abe Patloff, Brandon Post, Ed Ramov, Alan Saltzman, Steve Silverman, Hershel Simovetch, Charles Sprague, Lou Steffa, Stan Steinbock, Fred Urofsky, Jack Weaver, Alan Winters, Gordon Zandle

Missing List:-

Mike Barr, Bill Bedesem, Gene Berk, Woody Bethea, Bob Block, Jack Brown, Bob Clark, John Cooper, Gerry Decker, Larry Dinnerstein, Alan Dorfman, Mel Ehrlich, Les Ellman, Bob Estrada, Paul Feaster, Harold Fienman, Lou Fortuna, Marty Freedman Fred Goll, Peter Goodman, Len Hyman, Bert Jacobson, Carl Kaufman, Don Krieger, Ted Kuehn, Dick Layton, Gene Leavitt, Dick Martin, Raymond Mayer, Frank Milllheim, Joe Monaco, Carl Spenser, George turner, Don Valentine, Jay White, Ernest Womack, Walker Wyatt

See you at the next reunion

Bob Becker