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Central High School's South Lawn

Report on 65th reunion

Dear classmates:

   Our 65th reunion was held on 5/3-5. Attending were:-

Allan Becker, Bob Becker, Jerrold & Nancy Bonn, Jim & Natalie Dyen, Mal & Elaine Ecker, Ed & Sandra

Epstein, Fred & Fran Friedman, Chick & Norma Golden, Chet Heller, Alan & Shirley Molod, Bob Price,

Bob & Angela Rosin, Rick & Ruth Snyderman, Bob Spivak, Art Steinberg, Don & JoAnn Waldorf,

Harvey & Linda Wenick, Les & Irma Wurtele.

   ABC News did two stories on our reunion. The first was taken at Central and was shown on the 

10 O’clock news that night. The second was taken that night at the dinner at the Racquet Club and

was shown the next night. It involved our singing of the school song.

   On Saturday we spent two hours at the National Constitution Center and two hours at the American

Revolution Museum. No matter how knowledgeable you may be about our history, there are always

things to be learned. That night we were at a cocktail party at the Snyderman’s beautiful apartment in

center city.  The affair was wonderfully catered.

   On Sunday we had brunch at Bob Price’s house, a magnificant house in Mt Airy. Afterward the Golden

Slipper Club invited us to a dinner to celebrate the life of Marc Specter.

   All in all it was spectacular weekend in which a good time was had by all.

   Below is a breakdown on our expenditures and our present balance:-

   Visit to Central with lunch                                309

   Dinner at Racquet Club                                   1837

   Constitution Center                                           182

   American revolution Museum                        377

   Cocktail party at Snyderman’s                      1429

   Brunch at Bob Price’s                                        94

   April Holocaust lunch                                     538



   Revenues                                                        5596


   Net over expenditures                                  830

   Donation to Central                                     500


   Balance                                                           330


Bob Becker