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Central High School's South Lawn

Report on our 63rd Reunion

Dear Classmates:-

   Our 63rd reunion was held on Sunday 4/23 and 4/24 and was a roaring success. Even though it’s just once a 

year, it is so nice seeing the people we went to school with so many years ago. On Sunday we had dinner at the

Hilton Hotel. The hors d’oeuvres were especially good this year and the dinner was excellent. After dinner each

member stood up and brought us up to date with what’s been going on in their life. We ended the evening with

a spontaneous rendition of our alma mater.

   On Monday we celebrated Holocaust Remembrance day at the school. Two of the speakers had interesting

stories to tell. One was a woman who as a young girl was on the ship “The St. Louis”. As most of you probable 

know this ship was suppose to disembark in Cuba. At the last moment the Cuban government refused to let

them land. The captain of the ship who was from Germany, then sent a letter to FDR begging him to let his

Jewish passengers land in the U.S. FDR refused. The ship then returned to Europe. Most of the passengers

subsequently were murdered. The second speaker was also a young girl in 1939. She was saved when a

Catholic Church took her in and hid her. The Mother Superior had risked her life in order to do this.

   Tim McKenna who has been president of Central since 2012 spent some time with us to update us with

what has been going on in the school. One of the most surprising things to me was that even though there

were no Asians students in our class, about 25% of the school is now Asian.

   Next year I am hoping more of you will attend since we are all getting older and some of us will not be

around too much longer. It really was a special event for those of us who attended.


Bob Becker