Hoops of Steel

Those friends thou hast, and their adoption tried, Grapple them to thy soul with…

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Central High School's South Lawn

reunion update

Dear classmates:
The following classmates have said they are coming to the reunion and have paid what the owe:-
Larry Altaker, Bob Becker, Irv Berland, Jerry Bonn, JIm Dyan, Malcolm Ecker, Charley Getzov, Larry Goldberg, Gerry Gornish, Chet Heller, Jack Heller, Don
Kaplan, By Lavan, Manny Mandel, Alan Molod, Bob Paul, Bob Price, Dave
Rosenthal, Bob Rosin, Nate Schatz, Eli Shefter, Bob Skaler, Marc Specter, Don Waldorf, Harvey Wenick.
The following classmates have said they are coming, but have not sent a check
Buzzy Baron, Al Becker, Ed Epstein, Fred Friedman, Merv Hamburg, Neil Mackie,
Si Pines, Dick Rappaport, Ed Silverstein, Les Wurtele.
Please get your check in as soon as possible, since we have to make reservations. If for some reason you have changed your mind, let me know that.
Below is an updated missing list. If you know how to get in touch with any of these people let me know:-
Mike Barr, Bill Bedesem, Gene Berk, Woodey Bethea, Bob Block, Jack Brown,
Len Chaitin, Bob Clark, John Cooper, Gerry Decker, Larry Dinnerstein, Alan
Dorfman, Norris Durham, Mel Ehrlich, Les Ellman, Bob Estrada, Paul Feaster,
Harold Fienman, Lou Fortuna, Marty Freedman, Ben Zion Friedman, Fred Goll,
Peter Goodman, Len Hyman, Bert Jacobson, Mort Kafrissen, Carl Kaufman, Don
Krieger, Ted Kuehn, Richard Layton, Eugene Leavitt, Dick Martin, Raymond Mayer,
Frank Millheim, Joe Monaco, Dan Shelikoff, Carl Spencer, George Turner, Don
Valentine, Jay White, Ernest Womack, Walker Wyatt.
Bob Becker