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Central High School's South Lawn

Sadly Buck Tuppeny passed away

Dear classmates:

Below is an obituary written by Buck’s son Brock.

William (Buck) Henry Tuppeny passed away unexpectedly on 2/16/16. Buck is survived by his two sons Brock and Chris, step daughters Jessica and Janna Clayburgh and three grandchildren. Buck was born in Philadelphia on 7/19/36. He attended Central High, Case Institute in Cleveland, and Harvard Business School. He was married to Sandra Willoughby and later to Diana Cooke.

Moving to Ventnor, CT in 1962, he worked for Combustion Engineering as project manager, supervisor of applied mechanics, manager of boiler design and development, engineering mechanics manager, chief engineering product design, and finally VP of operations with Fossil Power Systems. A talented engineer, he held several patents, wrote numerous technical papers, and was a lifelong member of ASME, playing a key role in the development of the ASME codes for pressure vessels and stress analysis. His career took him abroad dealing with clients and licenses, and he formed many strong personal and professional relationships internationally as well as in the U.S.

After retiring from CE in 1989, he started a new consulting career in energy consulting and risk management. But he always drew on an extensive network of associates. He was highly respected for his technical skills and personal and professional integrity, which combined with his personality and concern for others, made him longstanding friends across the globe.

Buck was a true renaissance man. A talented trumpet player, he enjoyed music in all forms; from classical to a particular love for Dixieland jazz. He was a talented craftsman, being able to repair water piping under his Vermont ski trailer, designed and built house extensions, and carved wooden decoys. A true sportsman, he participated in soccer and gymnastics in high school, and golf, tennis and skiing later on. For many years he was an avid fisherman, hunter and boater. A culinary enthusiast, he loved fishing and eating fish, crabs and clams. He also cultivated raspberries. Another love was simply Spending time with his friends and family along the Jersey shore.

Buck will be missed. We send our best wishes to his family.